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Petrol prices in Kuwait's Fuel Stations

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A place were Petrol is cheaper that the Packaged Drinking water. Kuwait is a place where one enjoys driving cars because of petrol prices being low compared to other countries. But driving in Kuwait with the current traffic and high vehicle density is a whole different issue!
Currently the Petrol and other fuel prices in the Fuel stations throughout Kuwait are as follows (1 Kuwaiti Dinar, KD = 1000 Fils):
  • Petrol (91 Octane) known as Premium = 60 Fils (KD 0.060) (Available in all the fuel stations in Kuwait).
  • Petrol (95 Octane) known as Super = 65 Fils (KD 0.065) (Also available in all the fuel stations in Kuwait).
  • Petrol (98 Octane) known as Ultra = 90 Fils (KD 0.090) (Available in a few fuel stations).
  • Diesel = 55 Fils (KD 0.055) (This is available on all highways. Not available in Fuel station within Residential areas).(LATEST UPDATE - 31/10/2015 - 110 Fils (KD 0.110))
  • Kerosene = 55 Fils (KD 0.055) (Available in a selected few).(LATEST UPDATE - 31/10/2015 - 110 Fils (KD 0.110))
CLICK HERE to see current Kuwait Fuel Prices (KNPC site)
For the details of which Fuel is available in a fuel station out of the 118 Fuel stations across Kuwait, CLICK HERE.
For the past decade, Petrol in Kuwait is Unleaded. Therefore all the above Petrol mentioned are Unleaded. A decade ago, Kuwait was having Leaded Petrol which was sold at 40 Fils. Kuwait decided to be a little environmental friendly by reducing Lead emissions and shifted to Unleaded Petrol which were 60 Fils. This also helped in increasing the other fuel prices such as Diesel and Kerosene from 20 Fils to 55 Fils.
Also Kuwait has 118 Fuel stations across Kuwait which are active. New ones are coming up as and when required. Example, a fuel station for a newly developed areas or on a long distance highways. The company in charge of providing fuel all over the Kuwait is KNPC (Kuwait National Petroleum Company). The maintenance of the Fuel station have been divided equally among 3 companies : KNPC, Oula and Soor. All the Fuel stations are Automatic and self-service. For Female drivers, helpers (maintenance company employees) are available for re-fueling so they do not need to step out of their vehicles. The payment for the fuel is done at the drive through booth by mentioning the fuel pump number in the comfort of your vehicle. Also lately more number of Fuel stations have started putting up close circuit cameras throughout the station.

UPDATE:(01/01/2015): In Mid October 2014, the Government of Kuwait decided to remove the subsidy on Diesel and Kerosene. The implementation of the price change will take effect from 01/01/2015. After removing of the subsidy price, the fuel price will become 170 fils for both Diesel and Kerosene. The government is still going through the study reports on removal of Subsidy on other utilities like Electricity, Water, Petrol, LPG cylinders and other subsidized products. As of date, none of these have changed.

The government is giving restrictive subsidy. One of the first is the Cooperative Societies Union which asked for diesel and kerosene subsidy with regard to Bakeries so that they can be supplied at the old price of 55 fils. (CLICK HERE for the Arabtimes article and CLICK HERE for the Kuwait Times article.)

UPDATE: (28/01/2015): The Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) announced today that the rate for Diesel and Kerosene will be 110 fils (KD 0.110) each. This decision was made after the subsidies committee at the Ministry of Finance made its decision in light of the developments of current oil prices in the global markets. The price will be applied nation wide from 1st February 2015 (01/02/2015). The committee announced that the future prices of Diesel and Kerosene will be in line with the prices in the global markets and will be revised monthly. (SOURCE: CLICK HERE for KUNA article)
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