Thursday, November 13, 2008

Viva's Vanity number

Kuwait's third telecom company - Kuwait Telecom Company has started off with provisions to reserve numbers. These VIVA numbers have the prefix of "55", therefore the last 6 digit combinations are open for reservation. These reservations can be done online at the VIVA website or at Kiosks in different areas of Kuwait. Reserving these numbers donot cost and can be done only using your Civil I.D. or Passport numbers. This has been included for restriction so that only one person can book one number. This is helpful in keeping people from capturing numbers in bulk so that black marketing can be avoided. First Come First Serve is the motto currently for reserving numbers. This facility has been open for 4 weeks. Once the SIM cards are ready then the customers will be contacted to pick them up at the nearest VIVA outlet.

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