Monday, November 7, 2016

Kuwait Siren Test

UPDATE: Tuesday 08/11/2016 at 10 am, SIREN TEST will take place. (CLICK HERE for source - Ministry of Interior). For any queries, you can call Hotline number 1804000.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013: The Civil Defense Department plans to test the sirens on 27/11/2013 (27th November 2013) at 10 am ( +3 GMT). The Civil Defense Department (officially referred as General Administration of Civil Defense, under the Operations Affair Sector of the Ministry of Interior) conducts the siren test periodically for checking the functionality (periodical maintenance) of the devices and create awareness among the residents of Kuwait.

Modular Speaker Arrays; Photo Courtesy to
Currently the type of Sirens installed across Kuwait since 2010 have been Modulator Speaker Arrays (Federal Signal Modulator) which are electronic warning devices. These sirens can also act as a Public Address System and play digital recorded messages. These are omni-directional electronic arrays which mean that they have 360° coverage without any sound variation in all directions. For more information on the MOD / Modulator Speaker Arrays, CLICK HERE. For Wikipedia article on Federal Signal Modulator, CLICK HERE. Also for a newer version of the Modulator II Electronic Siren Series which has been launched in 2013, CLICK HERE. These Modulator Speaker Arrays have been placed around Kuwait and are visible in locations like schools, parks and other places.
MOD II , Photo Courtesy to Federal Signal Distribution
What do all the different sounds / tones of the siren mean? The Civil Defense Department has come up with 3 types of sounds or tones. We as residents in Kuwait should be familiar with these sounds as each have a specific meaning. Another reason for the siren test, is for the emergency services to start preparing themselves accordingly after hearing the different sounds.
  1. Sound : A Single Tone which is not continuous; Intermittent
    Meaning :  Indicates imminent / possible danger ( Caution / Warning )
  2. Sound : A wave sound (continuous ascending and descending tone)
    Meaning : Something has already happened or taking place. ( Danger / Attack )
  3. Sound : A continuous tone (continuous single pitch tone)
    Meaning : Danger is over ( All Clear / Danger has passed )
CLICK HERE for the video (13 mins) (on Youtube by uploader AliUltimate009), which was recorded during the last Siren Test in Kuwait. (22/05/2013) The sounds mentioned above can be heard in proper sequence. Below is the video for the first Federal Signal Modulator test taking place in Kuwait on 13/10/2010 uploaded by the same Youtuber AliUltimate009, CLICK HERE if the embedded video does not work (8mins video).

CLICK HERE if the above video does not work
Nostalgia brings back the older yellow sirens which were used during 1993 and 2003 for warning people when the Air Raids were going on. Also the siren tests which use to take place. Those Thunderbolt (CLICK HERE for Wikipedia Article) models really use to stand out.
Thunder Bolt; Photo Courtesy to Civil Defense Museum and Froyonation
Below is a video of the Thunderbolt in action in Chicago Heights, IL, USA. 
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work
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