Friday, June 5, 2015

Noon Outdoor Work Hour Ban

Summer's in Kuwait are getting extreme over the years and for past few years, the government of Kuwait has been passing a Noon Outdoor Work Hour Ban. It usually starts on June 1 until August 31. The outdoor work hour ban starts from 11 am and remains till 4 pm, during which no worker should be found doing outdoor work like construction work, cleaning crews in the open, the agricultural work force and animal husbandry (or shepherds), any kind of outdoor maintenance work, etc.. 

The above ban is imposed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MoSAL). The fines previously given to people or companies found to be breaking the above ban was KD 500 per person. In the previous years, companies have been fined. We are hoping that more than fines, peoples lives will be safe during those peak temperature hours when the direct sunlight is quiet unbearable.

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