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Ramadan 1436 - 2015

The ninth month of the Islamic calender year, the month of Ramadan is held highly by the Muslims across the world. This month which is given great importance as the Noble and Glorious Quran was first revealed during this month to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The importance of this event was more reinforced by having this month as the 'Month of fasting'. Also to reinforce a Muslim's Taqwa (God Consciousness), during this month one has to be generous and charitable. Also on a lighter note, it is said that all the divine books revealed to all the messengers were first revealed during the month of Ramadan.(Go Figure).

The Month of Ramadan in Kuwait starts on Thursday 18/06/2015. Since the previous Islamic month of Shaban completed 30 days, then chances of having Ramadan for 29 days is high. In any case, always any decision for the start of any Islamic month can only be made based on the sighting of the Hilal moon (Nascent Crescent of the moon). Any other information made in advance is at best tentative. Wishing everyone a Ramadan Kareem, hoping for all of us to better ourselves as humans. Below is the Islamic prayer timings for each of the days of Ramadan.
Photo Courtesy to Kuwait's Ministry of Information
Photo Courtesy to Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Center
Muslims fast from Dawn to Sunset.
  • Dawn : the first appearance of light in the sky before sunrise.
  • Sunset : the time in the evening when the sun disappears.
Below shows how long the fast will be for people from different countries for Ramadan 1436. In Kuwait the average fasting time is 15:30 hours (based on my average calculation - not official) CLICK HERE to read the article by huffington post.
Photo Courtesy to The Huffington Post (also to the data from
Fasting Times in the Arab Countries are as below:
Photo Courtesy to Instagram 'CrimeKWW'. For English translation the countries are listed below.

  • Jordan 15:58 hours
  • Palestine 15:53 hours
  • Libya 16:11 hours
  • Tunisia 16:33 hours
  • Algeria 16:44 hours
  • Morocco 16:10 hours
  • Egypt 15:51 hours
  • United Arab Emirate 15:11 hours
  • Qatar 15:15 hours
  • Bahrain 15:21 hours
  • Kuwait 15:40 hours
  • Iraq 16:05 hours
  • Syria 16:10 hours
  • Lebanon 16:10 hours
  • Somalia 13:29 hours
  • Djibouti 14:07 hours
  • Mauratania 14:35 hours
  • Sudan 14:31 hours
  • Saudia Arabia 15:12 hours
  • Yemen 14:22 hours
  • Oman 15:06 hours
Photo Courtesy to Al Arabiya English News. CLICK HERE for the article

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