Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kuwait TV & Radio on the Internet

I came across this by chance.I remember checking up on this over the past couple of years but the Ministry of Information site was never that updated nor was it that user friendly. But I am really impressed that they have kept it simple and functioning.I am now able to watch Kuwait Television channels and also listen to the Kuwait Radio channels on the internet. I always wanted to get an access to it when I was abroad. You can check the site for yourself CLICK HERE for access to the KTV 2 Channel and browse through to it. For listening to the Super Station FM 99.7 Radio Kuwait (RKFM) just click on the link. I grew up in Kuwait watching KTV 2 and listening to FM99.7. Definitely enjoyed watching KTV 3 Sports when WWF used to come - now they call it WWE. But still I am browsing the WWW.
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