Monday, March 12, 2012

Photography Opportunities across Kuwait

It is time to write about, as many photography events are taking place across Kuwait. I thought of compiling most of these events in this one post. Kuwait has a good market for conventional and digital cameras. There are a lot of people who are interested and really enjoy photography as a hobby. I met many of them with amazing set of DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras at the GulfRun event. It was interesting to find a lot of female photographers also. Apart from all the DLSR cameras, people with Smartphones and Compact digital cameras which are nowadays having 3-5 MP and above values. So you can see people clicking away throughout the day.

The Met department (Meteorological Department at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation) of Kuwait is holding a photography contest. The photography contest which will be held as one of the activities celebrating the World Meteorological Day (March 23rd, 2012). The aim of the photography contest is to document the meteorological phenomena occurring in Kuwait and to encourage effective and productive communication between the department and the public. For the rules and regulation, CLICK HERE and the last day for submission is 15th March 2012. People can email there entries. UPDATE (21st March 2012) : The Photos submitted and the list of winners can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

KUNA (Kuwait News Agency) is also holding a photography contest. The contest last till 4th April 2012 and for the rules and regulation, CLICK HERE. There are three different categories: Snapshot Aesthetic Photos, Journalistic and Sports Photo, Digitally Treated Photos. Interested people can submit their photos in person at their office.

The Blog Expat and the city is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary and is holding a photo contest. CLICK HERE for the rules and regulations. The last date for entry is 16th March 2012. You can email your entries to her. The updates can be received also on twitter and Instagram. UPDATE (21st March 2012) : The Photos submitted can be viewed by CLICKING HERE

The Kuwait International Motocross Challenge (posted by Mark248am) being organised by Kuwait Quarter Mile Auto and Motorcycle  Club.This event is taking place on 17th March 2012 at Q8 MX Circuit - Bnaider. Photography enthusiasts will be allowed around the track. I believe this will be another opportunity for photographers. GoPro will be giving away 5 GoPro cameras to the attendees via a raffle draw while Dunkin Donuts will be offering donuts and hot coffee as well.
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