Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Marathon... Ultra!!!

I recently got to know that Kuwait Charity Run was going to be part of another Marathon which is going to be held in November 2012. The two categories are 10k and a half-marathon (21k) run. More updated information will be posted on their website, you can access HERE.

Also, Today a tweet from Aymstrong mentioned about the November 2012 Run. They have started registrations for the run with 4 categories:
  • 10 K Race
  • Half Marathon (21 km)
  • Marathon (42 km)
  • 100k Ultra (100 km)
The Ultra run would have been a surprise to me around a month back. But with Aymstrong successfully pulling off the 240k run on 25-26th February 2012 during the National and Liberation day from North Kuwait to South Kuwait via the Kuwait Towers at Kuwait City.
Update (27th April 2012) Got more information on the Kuwait Marathon. Official registrations have started and can be done on these websites. Kuwait Marathon Registration Page (Click Here) and the Kuwait Marathon (Aymstrong's) Official Form Page.
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