Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Parents residency renewal procedure for Expats in Kuwait

Photo Courtesy to MoI - Article 22 F Sample
Parents (Dependent) Residency Renewal as of 11/09/2017. (Article 22 for sponsor’s parents) – Around 12,000-13,000 people in Kuwait under this article need to get their residency upgraded in the 4 months since the Executive bylaws were added on June 20, 2017. That is before 20 October 2017.

IN SHORT version: Process is same as previously done. Get Government Health Insurance for KD (50+2) for 1 year. Then with that insurance paper approach any Private Insurance Company – Head offices only (Kuwait Insurance Company, Gulf Insurance, Warba and others). Mention Keyword – “Insurance for Residency”. They will issue insurance (for KD 3000) by charging an amount of KD 150 + 1. The set of papers they give should be attached along with your Residency Renewal Application process. Get to Jawazat and follow procedures (Additional step before final submission and payment of KD 200 – sign by Director General of the Governorate – Mudeer Aam) 

Therefore – Current charges of process (For ONE, 1 Dependent/Parent) are as follows:
  • Government Health Insurance – KD 50 + 2
  • Private Health Insurance – KD 150 + 1
  • Application Typing – KD 0.5 or KD 1
  • Residency charges at MoI Passport (Jawazat) Office – KD 200
  • Civil ID Renewal – KD 5
  • Final Satisfaction – PRICELESS.
Total amount spent - KD 409 (for one parent for a year)
Duration of Process – Minimum 2 working days to 5 working days.

1. Government Health Insurance – (Duration 1 session Morning or Afternoon) Timings 7am till 4pm with break.
Documents Needed - Civil ID Copy of Parent, Civil ID Copy of Sponsor, Passport Size photo of Parent (which will be returned after scanning). KD 50 + 2 (KD 50 per year) (Mention Mobile number of civil Id copy of Parent)

2. Private Health Insurance – (Duration 15 minutes) only done at Head Office branch of any private Insurance Company. Since this is a newly added process, it will be difficult to get to the right person handling it. Hence, the keyword “Insurance for Iqama – Residency” Timings (7:30 am till 3pm on weekdays)
Documents Needed – Just the Government Health Insurance Receipt and Cash or KNET of KD 150+1 (KD 150 per year)

3. MoI Residency Renewal Application Typing – (Tajdeed Iqama Lil Aba wal Ummi ) KD 0.5 or KD 1 (Any Typing Center or Translation Centers)
Documents Needed – Civil ID Copy of Parent and Sponsor, Passport and Residency copy of Parents, Also mention mobile number and Sponsor will need to sign application form.

4. MoI Passport Office for Expatriates – (Duration 1 day to 2 days depending on Coupon/Token number, Quantity of people [more] or employee [less] and mood factor.) (Timings 7:30am till 1:15pm - weekdays)
Documents Needed – Application Form with Photo pasted, Sign of Sponsor on application form, Attachments – Government Health Insurance Receipt, Private Health Insurance Receipt documents, Passport and Residency page of Parent, Civil ID copy of Parent and Sponsor, Original Passport of Parent.
a. TOKEN to be taken at SECTION for Application checking section (Welcome/Istaqbal). Original Passport need not be submitted here.
b. TOKEN to be taken at Cashier Section where KD 200 needs to be paid (CASH).
c. TOKEN to be taken at the Director General office (or just ask for a signature – Tajdeed Iqama Lil Aba wal Ummi)
d. TOKEN to be taken for Section for Final submission of documents – HERE submit documents along with PASSPORT.

5. Civil ID Renewal through Website, Phone or Mobile Application. KD 5 to be paid Online using KNET (Timings for Delivery 7 am till 8pm weekdays)

References (Newspaper Article):
  • 09/09/2017 – Dual Health Insurance for Parents (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 26/07/2017 - Entry on Family Visas Awaits MP approval on Health Fees - Nod to Above-Quota Foreign Hires for KD 250 (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 20/06/2017 - Rectify Status of parents, Siblings in 4 months or Leave - Insurance of KD 3,000/- Mandatory for Annual Medical expenses (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 20/06/2017 - Bylaws issued for Parental Residence - Parents cannot sponsor Children above 24 yrs on Family Visa (CLICK HERE)

Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 19/06/2017 - KD 3,000 Docus Mandatory for Sponsoring Parents or Siblings (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 14/06/2017 - Parents and Siblings Residence Fees to increase to KD 300, Health Insurance KD 200- Sponsors Salary KD 1000 (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 13/06/2017 - Parents and Siblings, can now Renew their Visas, Insurance cost may reach KD 300 per year per person (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 10/06/2017 - MP Queries Family Visa Policy - Fees Questioned (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 04/06/2017 - Rethink on Family Visas - Decision Expected to Freeze (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 01/06/2017 - Interior's decision to limit family visas taken after conducting many studies (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 31/05/2017 - New visa ban puts families in serious crisis (CLICK HERE)
Photo Courtesy to Arab Times
  • 21/06/2017 - Al Rai Newspaper. Residency for Parents will cost KD 1100 and 1700 yearly. (Arabic and English Translation)
Photo Courtesy to Al Rai Newspaper (Arabic)
Photo Courtesy to Al Rai Newspaper & Google Translate (English Translation)
Currently still searching for the MoI Bylaw copy.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Hike in electricity and water tariffs

Kuwait has been considering for a long time to cut down on subsidiaries, so as to put ease on its revenue structure which predominantly depends on crude oil sales. Many moves have been made in this regard. For example, On 1st April 1999 Kuwait introduced KD 1 fees for government health clinic visits and KD 2 fees for government hospital visits; these fees were for meeting with the doctors and also included for basic medicines & lab tests (Ministry of Health - Ministerial Decision 392/1999). Previously, no charges were levied.

One of the moves that garnered a lot of attention was the Fuel price hike. Naturally the Petrol (Premium, Super and Ultra) prices hike had a lot of hue and cry compared to previously subsidiary removal of Diesel and Kerosene which shot from 55 fils to 170 fils (Currently at 105/110 fils - Market value fluctuations; each month revision based on international crude oil prices). Petrol prices were hiked from 60 fils to 85 fils for Premium, 65 fils to 105 fils for Super and90 fils to 165 fils for Ultra but later brought down to 150 fils.  (Council of Minister decision 32/2016) These prices are not subsidiary removal prices as they would be more higher at 160 fils and onward. Citizens of Kuwait have a monthly ration/account of Petrol which is given for free after which they will be charged the market price (started with 75 litres and now increase to 100 litres per month). Similarly some sectors and industries avail the subsidised rate (55 fils) of diesel and kerosene; for example Kerosene for government related bakeries for the Tandoori/Afghani/Irani Kabous/Roti. Also agricultural/government sectors avail similar diesel subsidy.

At the same time period, the Council of Ministers had passed the decision for reduction in subsidy towards electricity and water on 16th May 2016 (Council of Ministers' decision no 20/2016). The implementation of the decision is to take effect in 4 stages giving time for all sectors of Kuwait to implement rationalisation and efficient methods in terms of electricity and water usage by reducing wastage like applying more LED lights.

Stages of implementation of new electricity and water tariffs.
  1. 22nd May 2017 (22/05/2017) - Commercial Sectors
  2. 22nd August 2017 (22/08/2017) - Investment Sectors
  3.  22nd November 2017 (22/11/2017) - Government Sectors
  4. 22nd February 2018 (22/02/2018) - Industrial, Agricultural Farms and rest of the sectors.
All Investments sectors (Apartment buildings and Residential homes) will be paying from 22nd August 2017. All the public Sector (government related properties) will start paying from 22nd November 2017. The last but least, Chalets (beach houses), Farms (Agricultural or Poultry) and Stables (For horses or other types of Animals) from 22nd February 2018. All Commercial establishments (Malls, shops or Office buildings) are already paying since 22nd May 2017.

NOTE (for Residential and Apartment buildings)
The amount to pay for Electricity is 5 fils per unit (1 KWHr) and for Water KD 2 per 1000 Gallon of Water. (uniform units throughout the month/year)

Following are the modes of Payment and enquiry for electricity and water related matters:

1. Download the App on Google Playstore or Iphone Itunes Appstore.

Name of App: MEW-CAS created by MEW-CAS

Languages available: Arabic and English

Once you download, you just need to choose the consumer type (Residential), Enter Civil Id and enter Meter Number. 

You can load a photo of the meter reading (if you want),

Enter the meter reading and then you can make payment using KNET. (sometimes you may have to wait for 15 minutes after entering Meter reading for system to update)

2. You can also make meter reading updates and payments on the website www.mew.gov.kw
You can make payments (if KNET is not available) at the MEW consumer affairs offices that are available in each area (Once you have updated the meter reading)

3. Official Social Media accounts for MEW Consumer Affairs for Meter Reading and updates.
Instagram: @consumerservics https://www.instagram.com/consumerservics/
Twitter: @consumerservics https://twitter.com/consumerservics
Whatsapp: 98760001, 98760002, 98760003, 98760004, 98760005, 98760006 (One can take photos of their electricity & water meter readings along with the meter numbers and send them to the above Whatsapp numbers to get them updated) CLICK HERE to see an instruction video or view the video at the bottom of the post. 

4. Go to the nearest electrical offices near to the area you reside between 8am till 1:45pm (Official Working hours)

5. Recently the Ministry has started a service for the Elderly citizens, a home service where someone from Ministry will come and assist in getting the readings and update the readings along with options of making payment using KNET facilities. 

Information to keep handy:
  1. Civil Identity Number of Registered User
  2. Meter Reading of Electricity or Water (Better if you have a photo or on smartphone)
  3. Meter Number or Premises Number 
  4. PACI Number of Flat and Building (Public Authority for Civil Information)
MEW Consumer Affairs Tweet about reading Meters. Photo Courtesy to MEW @ConsumerServics.

Electricity Meter Reading with Meter Number. Photo Courtesy to MEW @ConsumerServics.

Water Meter Reading with Meter Number. Photo Courtesy to MEW @ConsumerServics.

Just for information.
Previous price of electricity was 2 fils per unit (1 KW) and 800 fils per 1000 Gallons (imperial) of Water.
Without Subsidy, Electricity would be 28 Fils upto 40 fils per unit (1 KW) AND water would be KD 10 to KD 12 per 1000 gallons (imperial).

  • Council of Ministers' Decision 20/2016
  • Minister of Electricity and Water Circular 3/2017
  • Minister of Electricity and Water Circular 20/2017
  • Council of Ministers' Decision 48/2005

Council of Minister Decision 20/2016 Pg 1

Council of Minister Decision 20/2016 Pg 2

Council of Minister Decision 20/2016 Pg 3

Minister's Circular 2/2017  Pg 1

Minister's Circular 2/2017  Pg 2

Minister's Circular 28/2017 
Using the Whatsapp numbers to update the electricity and water meter readings
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Modes of Payment that can be done for electricity and water meter readings.
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Announcement for new rates on Commercial sector from 22/05/2017 and rationalization steps
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Kuwait HAS: Trampoline Park - SkyZone & Trampo Extreme

Sky Zone & Trampo Extreme Logo. Photo Courtesy to them
A much needed physical activity for the people of Kuwait that too indoor has made its presence - Indoor Trampoline Park. Right now 2 brands are operating with a total of 5 venues (Sky Zone 1 and Trampo Extreme with 4). Sky Zone recently started operating (around 2 months) and Trampo Extreme has been operating for over 2 years. Trampoline is not the only thing going on for these places, but climbing, jumping and many more.
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Trampoline Park
Sky Zone Trampoline Park is located in Al-Rai Area and has a good set of parking available. It is large venue with over 10 courts and 3 chambers for Parties which can be utilized.
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park
Instagram: skyzonekuwait
Google Maps: CLICK HERE
More Photos at the end of the post.

Tampo Extreme has been around and is an established fun place for kids and adults alike. The locations for the 4 places are as follows:

  • The Promenade Mall, Hawally
  • Discovery Mall
  • Murouj - 6th Ring Road (Sabhan)
  • Marina Mall
Online booking for some of the locations are available while the others can be made by going in person. CLICK HERE for the website (https://www.trampo.com/). 
Instagram: TrampoOfficial
Facebook: TrampoOfficial
Snapchat: TrampoOfficial
Post written about Trampo Extreme by 248am - CLICK HERE
Article written about Khaleejesque - CLICK HERE

Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait
Photo Courtesy to Sky Zone Kuwait

SuperCon Kuwait 2017

Logo - Photo Courtesy to SuperCon
It is a comics and arts convention with special guest themes, anniversaries and programming. The event was made for specific audience to insure maximum enjoyment.

This event features a dealer’s room competitions, film screening, audience programs, panels, games and more. (Quote from SuperCon)
Another great opportunity for the people in Kuwait to enjoy yet another convention taking place at the end of the month of August 2017, SuperCon. Taking place at Hawally Park over a period of 3 days consisting of Cosplay Contests, Video game competition, meeting various popular voice actors and many more events.
Venue plan - Photo Courtesy to SuperCon
Even some of the booths are available at this moment, whatsapp 65571776. (CLICK HERE to check out available booths)
Snapchat: superconkw
Instagram: superconkw 
Date: 24/08/2017 till 26/08/2017
Venue: Hawally Park
Cosplay & Video Games Contest - Photo Courtesy to SuperCon
  • Cosplay contest.
  • HTC VIVE (Virtual Reality)
  • Video games contests
  • Arcade
  • Anime karaoke room
  • Selfie box
  • Roller Skating
  • 9DVR System
  • Artchy
  • Mechanical Bull Riding
Voice Actors - Photo Courtesy to SuperCon
Guests of honor:
  • Queeno Fluna
  • Carolina Revassa
  • Anjali Bhimani
  • Chloe Hollings
  • Lucie Pohl
  • Tarek AlArabi Tourgan
  • Sami Clark
  • Guy Gilchrist
  • Jimmy Mulligan
Voice Actors - Photo Courtesy to SuperCon
Date of Event: 24/08/2017 till 26/08/2017
Timings: 1 pm till 11 pm.
Venue: Hawally Park, Kuwait
Tickets Prices:
  • 3.5 KD for 1 Day.
  • 5 KD for 3 Days.
  • 25 KD for the VIP tickets.

Voice Actors - Photo Courtesy to SuperCon
Venue Coordinates: 
Latitude: 29.3408122
Longitude: 48.0221341
Lat,Long: 29.3408122,48.0221341
DMS (Degrees, Minutes, Seconds)
Latitude: 29° 20' 26.924" N
Longitude: 48° 1' 19.682" E

CLICK HERE for Link to Google Maps
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SnapMap Story of Day 1 of SuperCon 2017
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

SnapMap Story of Day 2 of SuperCon 2017
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

SnapMap Story of Day 3 of SuperCon 2017
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cosplayers HQ starts Today

Photo courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Another amazing event starts today(3 day event), CosplayersHQ event.
Instagram CLICK HERE

This 3 day event, has many indoor activities like Cosplay Fashion Show and Competition, Music show, PS4 games, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Workshop, Best Toy photo and many Stage activities. Also many outdoor activities like Light Lantern, Sumo, Walk through Maze, write a memory, Giant Jenga, Tic Tac Toe, connection 4 and gladiator tournament.

Please take necessary precautions as high temperatures & hot winds are expected. Please cooperate & help each other out if you find someone in distress; to make this event a memorable experience.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Date of the event: June 29- 30 and July 1 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
Timing: 3 pm till 11 pm
Venue: Kuwait Science Club Tent, Zahra Area, South Surra.
(Next to 360 Mall and 6th Ring Road)
Plenty of Parking Space available on front and back sides.
Venue Coordinates: 29°16'05.8"N 47°59'59.1"E (29.268277, 47.999757)
Venue Link: https://goo.gl/maps/XXhmi3p33w22
The bus stop is the 360 mall Bus stop or for Taxi reference - Take the right at 360 Mall Entryway OR Follow the Kuwait Science Club board (Go straight at the roundabout).
Photo Courtesy to CosplayersHQ
Tickets are necessary for the 3-day event. KD 5 is the cost for the 3 day ticket pass. Enjoying the maze (Plan B maze) will cost a little more.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
The schedules for the 3 days event is out. Have a look into it as many invited chief guests are coming including some popular Cosplayers - Jem (LittleJem Cosplay - CLICK HERE) and  Leon Chiro (CLICK HERE) and many more.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Kuwait has been really pulling off some amazing events in Kuwait like Comicon in the month of March and Fikra GX/KBR and Comfest in April and now CosplayersHQ. Even by the end of the year we will be having the IGN Convention (Trilogy Events)
Comfest - Cosplay Montage. CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Looking forward to the Outdoor maze challenge.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Schedule for the 3 day events are as follows.
Day 1 - June 29th - Thursday
Day 2 - June 30th - Friday
Day 3 - July 1st - Saturday

SnapChat's Snap Map features has made a good amount of coverage of the event.
Day 1
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Day 2
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Day 3
CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

How to get to the most happening place
Courtesy of Google Maps

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