Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Parents residency renewal procedure for Expats in Kuwait

Photo Courtesy to MoI - Article 22 F Sample
Parents (Dependent) Residency Renewal as of 11/09/2017. (Article 22 for sponsor’s parents) – Around 12,000-13,000 people in Kuwait under this article need to get their residency upgraded in the 4 months since the Executive bylaws were added on June 20, 2017. That is before 20 October 2017.

IN SHORT version: Process is same as previously done. Get Government Health Insurance for KD (50+2) for 1 year. Then with that insurance paper approach any Private Insurance Company – Head offices only (Kuwait Insurance Company, Gulf Insurance, Warba and others). Mention Keyword – “Insurance for Residency”. They will issue insurance (for KD 3000) by charging an amount of KD 150 + 1. The set of papers they give should be attached along with your Residency Renewal Application process. Get to Jawazat and follow procedures (Additional step before final submission and payment of KD 200 – sign by Director General of the Governorate – Mudeer Aam) 

Therefore – Current charges of process (For ONE, 1 Dependent/Parent) are as follows:
  • Government Health Insurance – KD 50 + 2
  • Private Health Insurance – KD 150 + 1
  • Application Typing – KD 0.5 or KD 1
  • Residency charges at MoI Passport (Jawazat) Office – KD 200
  • Civil ID Renewal – KD 5
  • Final Satisfaction – PRICELESS.
Total amount spent - KD 409 (for one parent for a year)
Duration of Process – Minimum 2 working days to 5 working days.

1. Government Health Insurance – (Duration 1 session Morning or Afternoon) Timings 7am till 4pm with break.
Documents Needed - Civil ID Copy of Parent, Civil ID Copy of Sponsor, Passport Size photo of Parent (which will be returned after scanning). KD 50 + 2 (KD 50 per year) (Mention Mobile number of civil Id copy of Parent)

2. Private Health Insurance – (Duration 15 minutes) only done at Head Office branch of any private Insurance Company. Since this is a newly added process, it will be difficult to get to the right person handling it. Hence, the keyword “Insurance for Iqama – Residency” Timings (7:30 am till 3pm on weekdays)
Documents Needed – Just the Government Health Insurance Receipt and Cash or KNET of KD 150+1 (KD 150 per year)

3. MoI Residency Renewal Application Typing – (Tajdeed Iqama Lil Aba wal Ummi ) KD 0.5 or KD 1 (Any Typing Center or Translation Centers)
Documents Needed – Civil ID Copy of Parent and Sponsor, Passport and Residency copy of Parents, Also mention mobile number and Sponsor will need to sign application form.

4. MoI Passport Office for Expatriates – (Duration 1 day to 2 days depending on Coupon/Token number, Quantity of people [more] or employee [less] and mood factor.) (Timings 7:30am till 1:15pm - weekdays)
Documents Needed – Application Form with Photo pasted, Sign of Sponsor on application form, Attachments – Government Health Insurance Receipt, Private Health Insurance Receipt documents, Passport and Residency page of Parent, Civil ID copy of Parent and Sponsor, Original Passport of Parent.
a. TOKEN to be taken at SECTION for Application checking section (Welcome/Istaqbal). Original Passport need not be submitted here.
b. TOKEN to be taken at Cashier Section where KD 200 needs to be paid (CASH).
c. TOKEN to be taken at the Director General office (or just ask for a signature – Tajdeed Iqama Lil Aba wal Ummi)
d. TOKEN to be taken for Section for Final submission of documents – HERE submit documents along with PASSPORT.

5. Civil ID Renewal through Website, Phone or Mobile Application. KD 5 to be paid Online using KNET (Timings for Delivery 7 am till 8pm weekdays)

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Photo Courtesy to Al Rai Newspaper (Arabic)
Photo Courtesy to Al Rai Newspaper & Google Translate (English Translation)
Currently still searching for the MoI Bylaw copy.