Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 10 Fireworks Video Footage

This is an Update to my previous post with regard to Constitutional Day 50th Anniversary celebrations. I wanted to put up some of the links to the video footage available over the internet. The coverage by the National Television was nicely executed (under the Ministry of Information). They really were able to cover from a lot of angles as this event was widely spread. Click Here to see the Kuwait Television Channel's Online Live feed. People from all over the world were able to witness this event LIVE on the Internet or Satellite.

Official Video released by the company which organised the firework. (updated by Kuwait Upto Date). Click HERE if the embedded video does not work.

Thanks to Expat and the City for the Video Links. (Youtube Video and Youtuber Mkhamed40444)

Also another video link by Expat and the City. (Youtube Video and Youtuber Tobahamed)

There are many more videos available online, mostly home made video footage. They are also spectacular as they are giving another angle to the whole event.

BananaQ8 put up his videos. Here are the Links for his PART 1 and PART 2 videos.

One can check Youtube for more videos.

Youtuber Cseti1985 put up this 20 min video.

Youtuber Eric Walker put up this 1.23 video.

I still would recommend the National Television Footage as it is completely choreographed with the music and camera angles. Other videos really do give the Front-line feel to the fireworks.

Mark posted this video - Kiteman Kuwait Fireworks Show - Kite Flyers Perspective

Ali Younis posted a time lapse video on youtube - Kuwait 50th Constitution anniversary timelapse

Posts by other bloggers:

Kuwait Fireworks 2012 (Post by me)

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Kuwait Fireworks 2012

I had mentioned in one of my previous post about the Kuwait Fireworks being held on November 10th 2012. Now this is kind of an update, but more of a compilation of information I have been coming across the internet. Lot's of bloggers have been keeping a tab on the November 10th Celebrations. The event is being organised by Filmmaster MEA.

November 11th, 1962 was the day went the enactment of the constitution of Kuwait took place. Therefore this year it marks the 50th anniversary of that historical event. The weekend in Kuwait is on Friday and Saturday, hence the government is holding all the festivities on Saturday November 10th 2012. The internet is busy buzzing about one of the shows highlights with the Fireworks display as it is making some history and breaking some records around the world. I will be giving the links for some of the sites.

The video is uploaded on the Youtube by Youtuber DestoorKuwait. Click Here if the above video is not working. I came across this video and some details about the fireworks display on Q8path website. The post mentions some details about the fireworks display going off in 9 different zones. from Kuwait towers till Green Island. Image is below (courtesy to Q8path) otherwise Click Here.

Also one can go through this post by Q8path mentioning about the different records they will break by pulling off the fireworks. (Image Below courtesy to Q8path)

Many of the bloggers have posting about this for the last few weeks. So I am adding the links below.

Mark has been updating information on his blog 248am. Fireworks Display Information and Fireworks Show Preparation Underway.

Expat and the City has also put up a post and given a link to one of the Interviews of the Pilots participating in the fireworks displays (Yes fireworks being launched from the specially designed aeroplanes). Saturday, November 10th Kuwait will make Fireworks history! Below is the video for the interview.

The whole event will take place between 3pm and 10pm. The Fireworks, Laser and light show and also the 3D projection will take place later in the night. Fireworks are expected at 8 pm. (Kuwait Local Time / +3 GMT).

BananaQ8 blog has also put up detailed posts. Kuwait Fireworks Details and Airplanes for Kuwait Firework Exclusive. One can see the planes being used for the Fireworks display in the post mentioned. It has exclusive images taken by BananaQ8. Another important post people should look into is the Traffic Diversions which will be implemented on The Day. Here is the post by BananaQ8.

Image courtesy to Q8Path.
Q8Path Kuwait Constitutional Event Parking and Closure Roads posted some information also on Road Closures.

Also KuwaitUptoDate has posted about the Road Closures and diversions.

The other site were information on the events taking place are  and IndiansInKuwait.

Some of the Restaurants in Kuwait City have also taken advantage of this event. Example below of Jade Garden.

Mark had posted on 248am about other world records that they might break on The Day other than the fireworks. Largest convoy of GMC vehicles in the World.

I have tried my best in making the compilations from different post. But definitely the credit goes to all the bloggers who have being doing their best in collecting the information. I give them Due credit. I would also like to be forgiven if I have not mentioned anyone else as the internet is vast and the blogger community is immense.

UPDATE (11/11/2012) : VIDEO FOOTAGE & PHOTOGRAPHS of the event (NEW POST)

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