Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kuwait NEEDS: Largest Water Slide Event

Photo Courtesy to Live More Awesome
Having the largest/longest water slide would be amazing. The current record is held by a 600 meter inflatable slide down in West Auckland slope (New Zealand). Since the whole slide is inflatable, it is set up just for 3 days and that also for charity. Below one can see the POV (First Person Point of View) video of a person sliding down in New Jersey USA (CLICK HERE).
Due to the nature of the slide being inflatable, the setup is temporary and can be set up at any appropriate location - definitely with safety in mind. 
Photo Courtesy to Live More Awesome
The tickets for the slide are also sold online(CLICK HERE). All the dates and time are also mentioned accordingly. It would be a great enjoyment to see one in Kuwait.
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During the summer months and the months before and after are really the time when people jump into the sea or swimming pools. A lot of people have pools in their backyards or beach houses. So having a long Water slide will be a different experience. People staying in Kuwait may have accessed Aqua Park which is next to Kuwait Towers in Dasman. It is one of the most popular Water Park in Kuwait.
Photo Courtesy to Live More Awesome
The fun is to have solo rides, group rides and just have a great time and experience. What would be great than having it is Kuwait.
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Kuwait has experience is Inflatable Outdoor fun sports as it is easy to set up in varied locations.
Photo Courtesy to Live More Awesome

Thursday, April 28, 2016

GX 2016 Expo - Cosplay & KBR 2016 starts today

Kuwait host the Games and Media Entertainment Expo (GX 2016) and Kuwait Battle Royale  (KBR 2016). The three day event takes place from 28 April till 30 April 2016 (Thursday - Saturday) at Millennium Hotel and Convention Centre Kuwait (Corner of 4th Ring Road & Road 30 - Salmiya). The opening ceremony takes place at 5pm.
Millennium Hotel and Convention Centre - Kuwait
The Gaming Expo also has a Cosplay contest. FIKRA events last year also held the cosplay contest (CLICK HERE to see that post). To see the details about the contest CLICK HERE. Guest Judge is Talixoxo who a popular cosplay artist, CLICK HERE to check her website.
To check out the breakdown of the events throughout the three days, CLICK HERE to check the schedule.
Patrick from 248am has also posted about the event. CLICK HERE to check that post.
For the full bracket list of all the games that take place during the Battle Royale, CLICK HERE
Watch Live streaming of the Kuwait Battle Royale at their Twitch site (CLICK HERE)
Watch live video from FikraKW on