Saturday, January 5, 2013

Infoconnect 2013 - Jan 27

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The Infoconnect exhibition will be starting on the 27th January 2013 with the opening ceremony being exclusively for VIPs. Click HERE to enter the official site. A whole week of this exhibition in Hall No 6 and 7 of Kuwait International Fair Ground in Mishref is definitely a place to check out. I am hoping for some amazing offers to be kicking in, be it the telecommunication, internet services or hardware. Usually the telecom companies Zain, Wataniya and Viva go all out during the exhibition making it the most happening place.

The timings for the week from Monday to Thursday will be 9 am to 1 pm and 4 pm to 9 pm. Friday 4 pm to 10 pm. One of my personal suggestions would be that people should check out the parking spaces for Hall no 6 and 7; and also the different entry and exits for the Kuwait International Fair grounds in the coming weeks, so that they can have less discomfort during the exhibition days as this is the cold and rainy season in Kuwait. The exhibition is to be closing down by 2nd February 2013. Update: Some photos from the Infoconnect Exhibition can be seen below.

Super Cars and GulfRun8 - January 2013

The new year of 2013 has started and I am looking forward to some of the events that are going to take place in the month of January. The most awaited event is the GulfRun display of cars (just got updated by @GulfRun on twitter that the display takes place on 11th and 12th January 2013 @ 360Mall Kuwait). The GulfRun 8 event will take place in Bahrain in the last weekend of January (Around 24th-25th January). Usually they put on display the cars 2 weeks prior to the event. I am still awaiting the date and location of the display of the GulfRun participating cars. Last year around 58 cars participated. I hear some more cars might be participating. (Mark has also posted about this event, CLICK HERE for the post which is on his site 248am) (Also Qabaq has posted, CLICK HERE). (Q8stig had posted a lot of photos about last years event) Below is a video of the Highlights of GulfRun 7. For Gulf Run Youtube channel CLICK HERE and Vimeo Video. They also have Twitter and Instagram accounts

The above video was made by TJC films and their Youtube Channel link.

360 Mall, South Surra - Zahra - 6th Ring Road Kuwait. Photo Courtesy of  360 Mall

For car related Blogs I go through two Kuwaiti Bloggers  - Qabaq and Q8stig

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Talking about cars, it reminds me of another post about the supercars from the gulf. The main article is written in the Daily Mail UK, CLICK HERE to view it. The people in London get to see a display of the supercars from the gulf. I came across the article through two of the blogs. LadieswhodolunchinKuwait and Mark 248am. I just got an update from Hamad Al Sabah through twitter about the documentary which is posted online on youtube. Video posted below.