Monday, August 11, 2014

Kuwait Metro Project

Ministry of Communication, Kuwait has finalised the Kuwait Metro Project as per the reports from the Kuwait Daily Al Shahed newspaper. I am still waiting for some more concrete information from the Ministry of Communication. As all the information, I have been able to gather is just Random without proper sources and details of the project. 

(So look forward to it)

Therefore, all the information below is speculated based on all the reports, articles and posts across Kuwait. Check at the bottom for the references to the project. Some of the points to note which I gathered from the News report are:
  • Initially when the project was announced the cost of the Project was sent at $ 7 Billion in 2012-2013. Then after being halted, now in 2014, the project is estimated to cost $ 20 Billion (Roughly 5.5 Billion Kuwaiti Dinars) which is anticipated to start in 2017.
  • The Kuwait Metro Project will be a joint Public and Private partnership.
  • 3 Lines totaling 61 stations.
    • Line 1 - 23.7 km with 19 stations. (Salwa to Kuwait University Campus)
    • Line 2 - 21 km with 27 stations. (Hawally and ending in Kuwait City)
    • Line 3 - 24 km with 15 stations. (Airport to Abdullah Al Mubarak)
Video Presentation of the Metro Project was created by 'Designa Comunicacion' and uploaded 2 years ago in 2012. This is not the official video but just for reference purposes.

Route Maps of the Metro Projects.
Older Version - Kuwait Metro Project Route Map

Older Version - Kuwait Metro Project Route Map

Previous Route Map designs for Kuwait Metro Project posted on

Chronology of the Kuwait Metro Project by Tazmania on

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