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Kuwait Cosplay Event

Fikra Events (Photo Courtesy of
Fikra Events have announced on twitter that the Cosplaying event in Kuwait will be taking place on 11th April 2013. Last year during the P2BK expo the cosplayers in Kuwait made their mark. The links below will give information related to Cosplayers in Kuwait.

The Cosplaying event will be organised by Fikra Events. You can check them out on their website, Twitter and Facebook.

Fikra Tweets about the Cosplaying event.
Fikra Tweets about the Cosplaying event and tournament.
 As announced by Fikra, the prize for cosplaying tournament. FikraKw on Instagram loaded the following.
Cosplaying Tournament Prize - X-23 

NBK Walkathon 2013

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I really donot have much to add as the internet is buzz about it. So I will just give the gist and the amazing set of blog post related to the Walkathon.

Event : The 19th Annual Walkathon
Date: 23rd March, 2013
Day: Saturday

  • Mens (Scientific Center till Green Island on Gulf Road)
  • Womens (Marina Crescent till Green Island)
  • Kids (In Green Island)
Registrations: OPEN until 21st March 2013
Registration Location: NBK tent next to Scientific Center Kuwait in Salmiya, Gulf Road.
Registration Timings: 9:30am till 1 pm, 4:30pm till 9 pm. (On weekend Friday and Saturday 15th & 16th March 2013 available at The Avenues Mall Phase 1 from 10 am to 10 pm)

Prizes : MGS 2013 Sports Car and special Prizes.

Follow the buzz on Twitter @NBKPage, Instagram @NBKPage, Twitter #NBKWalkathon

Post by Bloggers:

Route Map for NBK Walkathon 2013 (Modified photo) (Original photo from ChillNite and link to original photo)
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Saturday, March 9, 2013

RaceRoom Audi Tournament

Photo Courtesy of RaceRoom
Kuwait is setting fire to the gaming zone with another tournament. The prize money is set at KD 500 (US $ 1750). You can get more information at their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Following is some of the information.
Venue: RaceRoom, Baroue, The Avenues Mall.
Date: 24th March 2013
Registration ( Contact in person at RaceRoom or contact number 51109799 ).
Type of Game: Racing Simulation.

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Race Room (Photo Courtesy of Brake Banzeen!)
UPDATED: RaceRoom Tournament has now got a sponsor (as on 14th March 2013) from 'Fouad Alghanim & Sons Automotive'. Therefore now officially being called RaceRoom Audi Tournament.
Photo Courtesy of RaceRoom

Friday, March 8, 2013

Viva 512 Kuwait Gaming Tournament

Photo Courtesy to Viva 512 Kuwait
Kuwait is nicely pulling off some video gaming tournaments. The banner says mostly everything. The Registration can be done online using KNET payment Gateway (CLICK HERE to go to registration page) OR by entering the Voucher details (One can purchase the Vouchers at Baroue, The Avenues. Viva 512 Kuwait on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

512KUWAIT: The important stuff about the tournament (Kuwait is +3 GMT):

  • Date of Tournament : March 2013 ( 21st, 22nd and 23rd )
  • Time on Thursday, March 21st: 4:30 pm to 10:00 pm Kuwait Time.
  • Time on Friday, March 22nd: 1 pm to 10:00 pm Kuwait Time.
  • Time on Saturday, March 23rd: 12 noon to 7:30 pm Kuwait Time.
  • VENUE : Exhibition Hall, 360 Mall, Zahra - South Surra Kuwait.
  • Tournament Type: KNOCK-OUT Tournament
  • Game: EA FIFA 13
  • Gaming Console: PlayStation 3
  • Registration is ON (Since 21st February 2013)
  • Number of Participants: 512
The most important right now for all the participant is the RULES & REGULATIONS and also the TERMS and CONDITIONS. The next important thing is the practice until the tournament date. Get to your console and enter the following Game Setting which will be applied throughout the tournament. Keep playing to get a hang under these settings (360 Mall has a Freeze Club on 3rd Floor were one can practise Playstation 3 games - They Charge money - Not free).
Match Settings
Difficulty: World ClassHalf: Four MinutesOffside: On
Injuries: OffHandball: OffCamera: Tele Broadcast
Bookings: OnTime/Score Display: OnRadar: 2D
Referee: RandomHUD: Player Name BarPitch Pattern: Default
Time of Day: 8pmWeather: ClearPitch Wear: Random
Home Team: Coin TossGame Speed: NormalStadium: Home Team
Season: Autumn/FallCommentary: EnglishTactics: Default
Defending: TacticalTeam: Club/Nation

The prize money is HUGE considering that LAST MAN STANDING get the amount of KD 5000 (US $ 17,500). Official Press release was on 19th February 2013 in Kuwait. CLICK HERE to view. The sponsors on board are a nice set. Viva, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK), Nike Store, Qualitynet, Mini Cooper, Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice, Ali Abdulwahab Al Mutawa Commercial Co, Goal!, Mr., and 52 Degrees. Electronics for the Tournament is powered by X-Cite - Alghanim Electronics.
360 Mall (Photo Courtesy to 360 Mall)
Other Bloggers that have Posted about the event
UPDATED: After three days of battling it out the tournament came to an end. The most amazing things were the increase in sponsors and also surprise appearances at the event. On Friday evening, Bader Almutawa and other members of the Kuwait National Football Team dropped by to check out the event. They even played with some of the people at Fifa13 on PS3.
Kuwait National Football Team (Photo Courtesy of
Another interesting person was Achie Tarhouchi of Panna Wonders (Facebook, Twitter and who was present during the Viva 512 Kuwait Tournament. The video below from his facebook page talks about his invitation to Viva 512 Kuwait.
The prize distribution was done with KD 5000 being given to the Winner. The Runners-up received a fully paid ticket to watch Manchester United Match. Also the winner and runner-up received mementos  An autographed T-shirt of ManU was given also given as a Raffle Prize.

Road Rush 3

Photo Courtesy
This Post is not about a Video game but some how appropriately coming out on 8th March which is celebrated as International Women's Day. Road Rush is the name of the event organised by the women of Kuwait who love cars and racing. It is a yearly event and this year marks their third. The cars are taken to Bahrain International race circuit where they enjoy two days of driving under controlled condition and expert trainers who give them tips on racing, drags and drifting. This year it is happening on 8th and 9th March 2013.

Road Rush have put out a teaser on their Youtube Channel. Also you can also check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

You can view the video Below (Road Rush 3 Teaser) (Click Here for youtube link) (Music in the background is Sandstorm by Darude)

Road Rush 2 Teaser can be viewed below (Click Here for youtube link) (Music in the background is 'Louder' by DJ Fresh ft Sian Evans)

Road Rush 1 Teaser can be viewed below (Click Here for youtube Link)

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UPDATED: Day 1 footage released by Q8stig. CLICK HERE to be redirected to his Post.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

SkyFall - Base Jumping off Al Hamra in Kuwait

Photo Courtesy to Camco Global Events
First and foremost, this has nothing to do with James Bond 007, except the thrill of jumping-off the top from Kuwait Tallest Skyscraper - Al Hamra Tower. It stands tall at 412.6 meters and is the tallest sculpted (stone clad structure / fully concreted) tower in the world. Yes, Kuwait holds this record. Now, to find someone daring enough to leap off this structure and be the first one in Kuwait to pull off base jumping from any skyscraper in Kuwait is organised and masterminded by Camco Global Events (Their Insatgram Page). As the statement by the event organiser go "Chris McDougall World Champion & Record Holder B.A.S.E Jumper is leaping off Al Hamra Tower". This person is famous for his base jumping and wingsuit flying. 

The important information about the event are as follows:
Date: 8th March 2013
Time: 1 pm Kuwait Time (10 am  GMT)
Location: Al Hamra Tower, Sharq, Kuwait City, Kuwait.
Hint to getting to Location: Look for the tallest structure on the Kuwait Skyline and move towards it.
For information on the parking, and which roads next to Al Hamra Towers will be closed, CLICK HERE, Camco Events uploaded the information on their Instagram site. Instagram CamcoEvents, Instagram Al Hamra Tower.

Sponsors for this event are many (as seen the image above), Domino's Pizza (Hope they are giving out free pizza's during the jump), don't get me started with Zain - other than them having one of their outlets in Al Hamra.

Al Hamra Tower, Photo Courtesy to Wikipedia

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Updated: Video uploaded by Youtube user Kevin Barco. Click Here for Youtube link or watch below
Updated: Video Uploaded by Youtube user & Base Jumper Chris McDougall. Click Here for Youtube Link or watch below. You will get a first person perspective.