Thursday, June 29, 2017

Cosplayers HQ starts Today

Photo courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Another amazing event starts today(3 day event), CosplayersHQ event.
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This 3 day event, has many indoor activities like Cosplay Fashion Show and Competition, Music show, PS4 games, Photo Scavenger Hunt, Workshop, Best Toy photo and many Stage activities. Also many outdoor activities like Light Lantern, Sumo, Walk through Maze, write a memory, Giant Jenga, Tic Tac Toe, connection 4 and gladiator tournament.

Please take necessary precautions as high temperatures & hot winds are expected. Please cooperate & help each other out if you find someone in distress; to make this event a memorable experience.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Date of the event: June 29- 30 and July 1 (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
Timing: 3 pm till 11 pm
Venue: Kuwait Science Club Tent, Zahra Area, South Surra.
(Next to 360 Mall and 6th Ring Road)
Plenty of Parking Space available on front and back sides.
Venue Coordinates: 29°16'05.8"N 47°59'59.1"E (29.268277, 47.999757)
Venue Link:
The bus stop is the 360 mall Bus stop or for Taxi reference - Take the right at 360 Mall Entryway OR Follow the Kuwait Science Club board (Go straight at the roundabout).
Photo Courtesy to CosplayersHQ
Tickets are necessary for the 3-day event. KD 5 is the cost for the 3 day ticket pass. Enjoying the maze (Plan B maze) will cost a little more.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
The schedules for the 3 days event is out. Have a look into it as many invited chief guests are coming including some popular Cosplayers - Jem (LittleJem Cosplay - CLICK HERE) and  Leon Chiro (CLICK HERE) and many more.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Kuwait has been really pulling off some amazing events in Kuwait like Comicon in the month of March and Fikra GX/KBR and Comfest in April and now CosplayersHQ. Even by the end of the year we will be having the IGN Convention (Trilogy Events)
Comfest - Cosplay Montage. CLICK HERE if the above video does not work

Looking forward to the Outdoor maze challenge.
Photo Courtesy of CosplayersHQ
Schedule for the 3 day events are as follows.
Day 1 - June 29th - Thursday
Day 2 - June 30th - Friday
Day 3 - July 1st - Saturday

SnapChat's Snap Map features has made a good amount of coverage of the event.
Day 1
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Day 2
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Day 3
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How to get to the most happening place
Courtesy of Google Maps

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