Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ramadan 2013 Masjid Al Kabeer Qiyam ul Layl Schedule.

The Grand Mosque in Kuwait (Masjid Al-Kabeer) has finished with its renovation and is ready to receive Salah goers (Prayers goers) for the Qiyam ul layl (Night Prayers) during the last 10 days of Ramadan. From 28th July 2013 night, the night prayers will begin with different Qaris (Reciters) and starts at 12 midnight. One can see below the list of Qari and the Suras which they will be reciting.

List of Qaris are as below:
  • Fahad Al Mutairi
  • Khaled Al Jaheem
  • Fahed Al Kanderi
  • Ahmed Al Nafees
  • Mishari Al Afasi - CLICK HERE for his website and CLICK HERE for Wikipedia Info.

Photo Courtesy of and Indian Muslim Association
The List in Arabic is below
Photo Courtesy of Kuwait Upto Date and
The photos of the Grand Mosque are below.
Overview - Photo Courtesy of  The Grand Mosque Committee and Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
During Previous year's Qiyam ul Layl - Photo Courtesy of  The Grand Mosque Committee and Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
Post Renovation - Interior of the Grand Mosque - Photo Courtesy of Kuwait Upto Date and
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UPDATE (28/07/2013): Qiyam ul Layl (The Night Prayers) for Last 10 days of Ramadan begin tonight. The prayers begin at 12 midnight but showing up early will assist with parking and finding a place. Some tips for attending the Qiyam ul Layl :
  • First and foremost Switch off the Mobile phones or at least turn it to silent and vibrate function.
  • Carry some drinking water with you so that you can have it between the prayer sessions.
  • Keep some dates / light snack for when you feel hungry OR probably when Suhoor / Imsak time approaches. (avoid foods have strong fragrances as it disturbs other attendees)
  • Have sufficient rest OR some power / cat nap before attending the night prayers. This will help you in paying attention during the prayers and mainly if you are driving to and from the masjid / mosque. Safety is important.
  • Also prepare yourself mentally and physically for standing for long duration ( roughly 2 hours).
  • If you are planning to sit on the chairs or four legged furniture, then be considerate to others standing behind you in the prayers.
Official reports state that the number of people that attended the Grand Mosque Qiyam ul Layl prayers on 21st Ramadan were 15,000. The maximum turnout is usually seen on the 27th Ramadan.

UPDATE (06/08/2013) : CLICK HERE for article about Eid Al-Fitr 2013.
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