Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Wednesday 20th November holiday for whom? and Why?

Its Raining and Pouring Rain (my English Grammar teacher is definitely going to slaughter me for my grammatical destruction). But since the news about the holidays is meant for the schools and universities, and that also due to the current weather system bring in clouds with abundant amounts of rain, I took liberty in starting the post with some jabs and puns.

Now the main point, Ministry of Education (Undersecretary) has officially declared holiday (20/11/2013) for the students ONLY. The teaching and educational staff have been told to report to the schools. The holiday applies across all grades (Elementary, Primary and Secondary) of students (Boys and Girls) from Public, Private and Special Needs schools. (Source of News: KUNA in arabic & Kuwait Times in English)

Also Director General of the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training ( PAAET) that all students of colleges and institutes, except for teaching and administrative staff will be on holiday tomorrow (20th November 2013). The holiday is due to the bad weather and heavy rains and some of the PAAET's facilities had taken damage by the rain. (Source of News: KUNA and Kuwait Times)
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