Sunday, March 11, 2012

Kuwait VIDEO: CineFlex Kuwait Video

Came across this video today. It was referred by Mark 248am and Hamad Al-Sabah on twitter. Mark has posted about it on his blog also. The video is made by Cinemagic and they have many more videos on Youtube. They got their hands on a CineFlex (for Aerial Filming) and shot the footage. Here is the Youtube link for the above video. I am really enjoying the amazing kind of coverage I get to see about Kuwait. There are a lot of people in Kuwait who themselves have not seen much of Kuwait. Here is the photo of the Cinemagic's CineFlex.
The CineFlex V14HD is the ultimate gyro-stabilized solution for aerial filming. The Sony HDC-1500R 1080p professional broadcast camera is integrated into the Gimbal (CineFlexV14HD). Below is photo of the CineFlex  camera mounted on a helicopter. It gives us an idea about the scale of the camera.

CLICK HERE to view more video about Kuwait from the Youtube Playlist
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