Friday, March 2, 2012

Hala Feb 2012 ends

Google Doodle for 25th February 2012
Google put up this Doodle on 25th February 2012 for the National Day of Kuwait. Really nice one and this was one of the hot subjects on 25th February on the Internet. For more amazing Google doddles click HERE.

Lot of things took place during Hala February 2012. Be it the Red Bull Car Park Drift to Run 200k event. The Concours d'Elegance took place between 15th-18th February 2012 due to which people got to see an amazing variety of cars - be it vintage, Ferrari, Porsche or even Bikes.

Kuwait Riders held the Bike Show 2012 at Marina Crescent between 15th - 17th February 2012. There are a lot of videos uploaded on Youtube. Here is one video to give an idea of the event. I believe over 325 riders were part of it. Anyways, you can check related video footage posted by the riders themselves on the Youtube related links.

The whole month of February has many other events taking place. Also, offers at the malls and hypermarkets kick in. The Gulf Street (Road No 25) is a place to be to see the festive mood of the people celebrating the National and Liberation day in Kuwait on 25th and 26th February 2012. This year on 25th February since it rained throughout the day, the government had postponed some of the outdoor celebrations to the next Saturday, 3rd March 2012. Since the ban of Foam or Thread Sprays since last year, this year Water Guns (Squirt Gun or Water Blasters) were a popular subject among the kids. I still do not get the idea of being squirted by water in such cold weather.

Kite flying is another event one should look into. There is a group called the Kuwait Kites Team which partakes into this event. There has been a lot of competitions even in Kite flying. The Flag design Kites are popular.
I think I barely scratch the surface on talking about all the events that take place in Kuwait especially during the month of February. Even the internet was buzzing throughout February with event updates, holidays plans, places to be, weather updates, traffic updates and ofcourse reviews of different events. There is always something to do or be at for anyone living in Kuwait
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