Friday, October 31, 2014

Kuwait NEEDS: Indoor Skydiving / Vertical Wind Tunnels

Photo Courtesy to iFly - Austin
It would be nice to see a Vertical Wind Tunnel or Indoor Skydiving Tunnel in Kuwait. Right now the nearest ones are in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Kuwait might have a good market for it and might lead to other related events like sky diving. The best thing is that even kids as young as 3 can do indoor skydiving.
Courtesy to Adrenaline on Youtube (0.55 min).

There are few companies which are into making of it.
  • Ifly is one such company. CLICK HERE to see their website and also to check out the types of Wind Tunnel based on the diameter.
  • Another company is Indoor Skydiving Germany, CLICK HERE
  • Another is Bodyflight Concepts which has Portable Vertical Wind Tunnel and CLICK HERE for the FAQs.
  • BodyFlying AG is also into building of Vertical Tunnels. CLICK HERE for the Pricelist.
The above is just a few companies, there are many more out there. Below are some videos about Indoor Skydiving Tunnels.
Courtesy to Lauren Sadler on Youtube (3.02 mins)

Courtesy to iFLY Tunnel Vision on Youtube (1.54 mins)

Progression of Bodyflight - Types of Body Positions
Courtesy to iFLY Seattle Indoor Skydiving on Youtube (4.23 mins)

Product Listing of Vertical Wind Tunnels / Free Fall Simulators on Alibaba. CLICK HERE for checking the different types and prices.
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