Monday, November 3, 2014

Kuwait NEEDS: Indoor Surfing Simulator

CLICK HERE to check Kuwait HAS: FLOWRIDER at FLOWHOUSE (Indoor surfing Simulator)
Photo Courtesy to Waveloch
Indoor Surfing Wave Machine / Surf Simulator is as the name suggests a surfing simulator which can of course be used 24 / 7 throughout the year without any dependency on the weather outside. I am sure there are many in Kuwait who know surfing and if this opens up then it will definitely help in giving them better experience and also encourage many more youth to take up surfing.

Wave Loch Inc. is a surf ride manufacturing company responsible for such water rides as the FlowBarrel, FlowRider, Flying Reef, Surf Pool and Wave House franchises. Look below for varieties of Surfing Simulators.
Types of Simulators (Youtube Link)

Courtesy to Dwpstudio  (Youtube Link)

FlowRider have different sizes - Junior, Single and Double. For more detail you can check the PDF file by CLICKING HERE. For FAQs, CLICK HERE. There is also mobile version of the FlowRider, CLICK HERE for the technical specifications. Why should one buy a FlowRider? CLICK HERE. For an overview and a rough cost of the FlowRider and also the Project Budget for a total installation, CLICK HERE.

Another company which deals in this is American Wave Machines. CLICK HERE to see information about it.
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