Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Al Israa Wal Miraaj - The Night Journey & Heavenly Ascension

Photo Courtesy to Civil Service Commission Kuwait
Thursday, 05/05/2016 is a holiday declared by the Government of Kuwait in recognition of 'Al Israa wal Miraaj' which translates to ‘The Night Journey and Heavenly Ascension’. The Islamic date on which this took place was 27th Rajab (7th month of the Lunar Calendar). This year the date corresponds to 4th May 2016 (For the Arab world). In Islam, the lunar day begins at sunset, therefore on 3th May 2016 after sunset the Islamic date 27th Rajab 1437 begins. As per the Government Decree, that any holiday during the week is shifted to the closest day of the weekend, in the above case instead of Wednesday to Thursday.

Al-Isra wa Al-Miraj is an event which took place in the life of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). Here is a 20 minute audio narration of the event (in English language). It will give an insight and understanding about ‘Al-Isra wa Al-Miraj’ and why followers of Islam recognized this event. This event is not celebrated but remembered for its significance and also we Muslims should have a better understanding of our own religion, Islam.
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