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Kuwait HAS: Escape Rooms

Photo Courtesy to Trapped Inn, Room of Clues, Mind Maze, The Maze, Kuwait Clue, Team Escape and Countdown Challenge Respectively
An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit. The games are physical versions of "escape the room" video games. Games are set in a variety of fictional locations, such as prison cells, dungeons and space stations, and are popular as team building exercises. (Courtesy to Wikipedia)
The above explanation by Wikipedia is spot on. For more information and details check the wikipedia page out. Kuwait has right now 5 fixed location Escape rooms and 1 mobile maze (These are the ones I am aware of, there may be more). All the escape rooms have a fully functioning website and social media accounts which are used for booking and enquiring purposes. Some of the information is given below and the appropriate links are provided (in no specific order). 

1. Trapped Inn: Trapped Inn boasts of being the biggest escape game facility in the Middle East with eight different scenarios in one place. Scenarios (Lost, Decode, Assassin's Suite, Knight's Castle, Rescue Protocol, Joker's Illusion, Secret of the Pyramid and Countdown)

2. Room of Clues: Locked in a room full of clues and puzzles. Consists of four scenarios - Othman Office, Carpenter's Workshop, Ward-13 and Prison Break
  • Website (CLICK HERE)
  • Facebook (CLICK HERE)
  • Instagram (CLICK HERE)
  • Trip Advisor (CLICK HERE)
  • Players in a scenario: 2-9 players
  • Pricing: KD 8 per player
  • Booking: CLICK HERE
  • Location: Salem Al Mubarak Street, Salmiya
  • Timing: 12 noon to 10 pm
  • Contact Numbers: 99333205, 67788103, 96696770

3. Mind Maze: It is a live, interactive adventure game! A team is locked-up in a room. The aim of the game is to find the way out in less than 60 minutes. Consists of two scenarios - Alchemist's Chamber and Enigma
  • Website (CLICK HERE)
  • Facebook (CLICK HERE)
  • Instagram (CLICK HERE)
  • Twitter (CLICK HERE)
  • Players in a scenario: 2 or more
  • Pricing: KD 15 per person for a group of 2/ KD 12.5 for group of 3/ KD 10 for group 4 or more.
  • Booking: CLICK HERE
  • Location: Al Tilal Complex, Mezzanine, Al Jahra Road, Al Shuwaikh
  • Timing: Sunday - Thursday (4 pm - 11 pm); Friday (2 pm -11 pm); Saturday (10 am - 11 pm)
  • Contact Numbers: 99365462

4. The Maze: A unique entertainment Concept developed to fit everywhere! A mobile maze built a day ahead from your event. It can be used for schools, events and corporate event as well. Participants will be on a count down watch running inside the maze to find their way out. Through multiple obstacles they will unlock the doors to their next obstacle! The question remains who will escape the maze on time!
5. Kuwait Clue: (Athens Clue) Kuwait Clue is a new, intellectually stimulating labyrinth of clues and puzzles aimed to bring out participants’ inner private detective in a live room escape adventure. Enter a world of mystery and try to escape from our never before seen scenarios.  3 Rooms - Cabin in the Woods, The Score and Prison Break
  • Website (CLICK HERE)
  • Instagram (CLICK HERE)
  • Location: Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Noor Towers (Next to Mariam Complex)
  • Contact Number: 99875912
  • Players: 3-6 players
  • Duration of Game: 50-70 mins
  • Timings: 3pm -12am
6. Team Escape: Live Escape Games Kuwait City, brought to you by TeamEscape (from Germany), are the latest recreational activity for fun with friends, family and colleagues. Imagine, you find yourselves in one of our mysterious Kuwait City Escape Rooms. Suddenly the door closes and a clock begins to tick...
  • Website (CLICK HERE)
  • Instagram (CLICK HERE)
  • Facebook (CLICK HERE)
  • Twitter (CLICK HERE)
  • Snapchat: TeamEscape_Kuwait
  • Location: Salmiya, Salem Al Mubarak Street, Symphony Mall, Mezzanine
  • Contact Number: 55064422, 99903354, 99308333
  • Email:
  • Players: 2-14 players (2-7 per room)
  • Rooms: 2 (The Gallery , Mr. Nobody's first Case)
  • Pricing: KD 10 per person.
  • Booking: (CLICK HERE)
  • Duration: 75 mins per mission (15 mins of Introduction & 60 mins of Live Adventure)
  • Timings: Sun - Thur - 5pm - 11pm & Fri - Sat - 1pm - 11pm
7. Countdown Challenge: "Test your wits in our Live Escape Games". (UPDATE:14/3/2017)
  • Website (CLICK HERE)
  • Instagram (CLICK HERE)
  • Snapchat: Countdown_Kwt
  • Location: M2, Al Tijaria Tower, Soor Street, Sharq, Kuwait
  • Contact Number: 94461116
  • Email:
  • Players: 2-7 players
  • Rooms: 3 (Last Will[ max 7], Stolen[max 5] and Crime Evidence[max 7])
  • Pricing: Weekdays (KD 13 to KD 9 as more number of players); Weekends (KD 15 to KD 10)
  • Booking (CLICK HERE)
  • Duration: 60 mins within the escape room
  • Timings: Sun - Fri - 3pm to 11:30pm and  Sat 11am - 11:30pm. 
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