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Qiyaam al Layl - Ramadan 2016 / 1437

The last 10 days of Ramadan have nearly arrived and people have started to get even more busy. One is that the month is nearly on completion and Eid ul Fitr is around the corner, so people are preparing for the upcoming holidays. This year the State of Kuwait has declared 5 days holiday for the government sector starting from 05/07/2016 up to 09/07/2016. Be it either the first day of Eid is on Tuesday 05/07 or Wednesday 06/07. Knowing Kuwait from past experiences, advice is in order - Get all formal or Official work finished by 23/06/2016 Thursday or things are going to slow down a lot. Then be prepared to get things done after the 10/07/2016.

Secondly (This being the main event), the importance of the last 10 days of Ramadan is that these 10 nights are considered sacred as one indulges in the night prayers / Qiyaam al Layl / Tahajjud that amplify ones deeds to an exponential level. (In Islam, 10 last nights of Ramadan are considered sacred and 10 first days of Zul Hijjah are considered sacred - Sacred meaning people should spend more time in praying and remembrance to Allah SWT).

People have to understand one thing, in Islam the Lunar Calendar day starts after sunset. Example, people finished their 19th Ramadan fast by opening their fast at sunset. Then the Islamic Calender date changes to 20 Ramadan. Qiyam ul Layl or the Night prayers commence from 20th Ramadan till the end of the month. On these nights people gather at the Masjid to offer prayers. Even out of these 10 days people give more importance to Odd nights - but it is highly recommended to offer prayers during last 10 nights. People try to catch one of those nights which is called the 'Night of Decree' / Laylatul Qadr. In the Glorious Quran, Laylatul Qadr is mentioned as being better than a 1000 months. So one should definitely try praying on this night. We definitely know that one of the last 10 nights of Ramadan is Laylatul Qadr. Some scholars suggest the odd nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan and some even consider the 27th night being the Night of Decree.
Photo Courtesy to The Islamic Ummah
The schedules for different Masjids for Qiyaam al Layl are being put up. Inshallah, I will try covering them to the best of my abilities.
Arabic Schedule for Qiyaam al-Layl at Masjid Al Kabeer, Kuwait. Photo Courtesy to Crimekww - Official account of MoI Kuwait
Detail List for Night Prayers / Qiyaam Al-Layl for the month of Ramadan at Masjid Al Kabeer for 1437 / 2016
Qari from Rakah
One to Four
Qari from Rakah
Five to Eight
Night 20 Ramadan
Friday 24/6/2016
Badr Al Ali
Khaled Al Jaheem
Dr. Essa Al Zafiri
Night 21 Ramadan
Saturday 25/6/2016
Majed Al Anzi
Fahd Al MutairiDr.Khaled Al Otaibi
Night 22 Ramadan
Sunday 26/6/2016
Majed Al Anzi
Fahd Al KandiriSheikh. Anas Al Mulla
Night 23 Ramadan
Monday 27/6/2016
Ahmad Al Nafisi
Mishari Al AfasyDr. Fahd Al Janfawi
Night 24 Ramadan
Tuesday 28/6/2016
Fahd Al Kandiri
Ahmad Al NafisiDr, Mohd Al Osaimi
Night 25 Ramadan
Wednesday 29/6/2016
Mishari Al Afasy
Khaled Al Jaheem
Sheikh Talal Al Aamer
Night 26 Ramadan
Thursday 30/6/2016
Fahd Al Mutairi
Badr Al Ali
Dr. Rashid Al Aleemi
Night 27 Ramadan
Friday 01/7/2016
Mishari Al Afasy
Fahd Al Kandiri
Sheikh Ahmad Al Qatan
Night 28 Ramadan
Saturday 02/7/2016
Ahmad Al Nafisi
Khaled Al Jaheem
Dr. Bader Al Hajraf
Night 29 Ramadan
Sunday 03/7/2016
Fahd Al Mutairi
Mishari Al Afasy
Dr. Adil Al Mutairi
Night 30 Ramadan
Monday 04/7/2016
Badr Al Ali
Fahd Al Kandiri
Dr. Waleed Al Ali
Start of Qiyaam Al Layl at Masjid Al Kabeer at 12 midnight.

Masjid Al Kabeer is the biggest masjid in Kuwait. The Qiyaam Al-Layl prayers begin at 12 midnight.(CLICK HERE to see previous year's post of the look of the Masjid and information).

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The prayers begin at 12 midnight but showing up early will assist with parking and finding a place. Also, there are some mosque which have upgraded their security levels, so one had to consider the Metal Detectors and Frisking. Some tips for attending the Qiyam ul Layl :
  • First and foremost Switch off the Mobile phones or at least turn it to silent and vibrate function.
  • Carry some drinking water with you so that you can have it between the prayer sessions.
  • Keep some dates / light snack for when you feel hungry OR probably when Suhoor / Imsak time approaches. (avoid foods have strong fragrances as it disturbs other attendees)
  • Have sufficient rest OR some power / cat nap before attending the night prayers. This will help you in paying attention during the prayers and mainly if you are driving to and from the masjid / mosque. Safety is important.
  • Also prepare yourself mentally and physically for standing for long duration ( roughly 2 hours).
  • If you are planning to sit on the chairs or four legged furniture, then be considerate to others standing behind you in the prayers.
  • Avoid talking to each other in the Masjid Hall, if necessary try to whisper or speak very softly as the hall is designed for amplifying the voice of the Imam and Muezzin. Therefore inform the children about this as it causes distraction for the worshipers.
Photo Courtesy of Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
I came across a video on Youtube, Dua/Supplication which can be recited during the last ten nights of Ramadan during Qiyaam Al Layl. (This is not specific, just that my mind goes blank at that moment, so some of these duas can be mentioned) These duas can be supplicated at any other time also. (Arabic recitation with English Subtitles)
Youtube Video Courtesy to Youtube Channel 'NoneButAllah' Reciter 'Hani Ar Rifai'

The last 10 days of Ramadan are considered more important as one of the nights is Laylatul Qadr. The below video will give you an idea about What is Laylatul Qadr or The Night of Power

CLICK HERE if the above video does not work
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